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Top 4 Career Fields for the Future

The economic downturn has made a significant impact on the job market over the last few years. It has altered job search strategies that people use to find a new job. It has also changed the strategy behind updating your resume and showcasing what you have to offer to new companies. With all of this in mind, it is always a good idea to remember that the job market will slowly weather this storm just like it has in years past. So, what jobs are the least effected by economic downturns? You need to consider the best potential for job growth, salary, stress level, and job satisfaction. Certain careers have been proven to weather economic downturns better than others. Here are the top 4 career fields that have continued to thrive over the last few years and are projected to grow exponentially over the next 10 years:

  1. IT – The field of IT achieves consistent growth because of new and emerging technology. There is always something newer, faster, and more efficient concerning computers, networks, and software. Companies also use technology on a daily basis to conduct business, so they need to have a team in place to manage their computers, networks, and software upgrades. All companies rely on some form of technology for daily operations, so it explains why there will always be IT jobs out there. The IT profession also continues to thrive because IT companies want to remain ahead of their competitors while continuing to dominate the market share.
  2. Healthcare – The field of healthcare is thriving because everyone gets sick and everyone needs help managing their healthcare needs. There are so many different career paths in healthcare including medical/physician, nursing/support staff, technologists, lab/research, healthcare administrators, medical billing, and emergency/ambulatory care just to name a few. Healthcare professionals are always in high demand in all areas.
  3. Financial Services, Accounting & Actuarial Science – The field of financial services, accounting, and actuarial science is thriving because all companies need people to manage their daily finances, monthly/annual accounting, and tax filings. There is a financial component to everything we do in life personally as well including banking, cash management, credit cards, and tax filing. Actuaries are in high demand because they calculate the statistical probability of certain events, which helps us with our insurance needs. These financial fields are always ripe with opportunity because no matter what the state of the economy, the responsibilities for finance, accounting, and actuarial science still remain.
  4. Education – The field of education is thriving because education is the foundation of our lives. From the time we are born and throughout our whole life, we need education at all levels to continue to grow and evolve. There is also a diversity of subjects, fields, and topics that can be covered at all levels, which leaves the field of education with an abundance of jobs.
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