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Your Resume and the Social Media Connection

The landscape for job searching has drastically changed over the last few years. More and more jobseekers are using social media to help them land their next job. The fact still remains that the first step in searching for a job is to write a stellar resume that effectively showcases your professional achievements while personally branding you. Once you have written your resume, the next step is to circulate your resume in print, online, and on LinkedIn. Once you obtain visibility on LinkedIn, it is a good idea to take advantage of the job search tools they have to offer.


LinkedIn has become the tool of choice for most jobseekers because they can secure many leads and leverage connections to help them find their next job. Recently, LinkedIn updated its LinkedIn Jobs tool, which allows jobseekers to search for job leads based on specific search criteria like country, zip code, industry of choice, and job functions. For LinkedIn Premium members, the advanced feature also allows jobseekers to search jobs by salary level in addition to the above search criteria.


LinkedIn has become so valuable to jobseekers because companies are posting job openings and using LinkedIn to locate viable candidates to fill those jobs. Referrals have also played a big role in helping jobseekers find new jobs. Companies value referrals from their own employees because they typically have a higher success rate with jobseekers that come highly recommended by current employees. LinkedIn helps companies leverage the professional networks that their employees are building while allowing them to take advantage of sourcing highly qualified talent. Since LinkedIn has emerged as the “go-to” hiring source, why not take advantage of this opportunity to increase your chances for success.


If you are looking to reduce the time it takes you to find your next job, start with writing a great resume, enhancing your presence on LinkedIn, and using the LinkedIn Jobs tool to find suitable job opportunities. The strategy behind searching for a job has evolved and LinkedIn is one of your best tools for achieving a high success rate. Since companies are posting job openings on LinkedIn and searching for candidates by reviewing their LinkedIn profiles, it is almost unprofessional to not be on LinkedIn. The trend is that companies perceive the most qualified talent are featured on LinkedIn. So be sure you look at the overall perspective when you are searching for a job. Resume writing is a big piece to the puzzle, but circulating your resume via social media on LinkedIn will make all the difference in your job search.

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