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Tips For Managing Your Professional Persona on Social Media

Social Media and Your Professional Persona

Social media has now become one of the determining factors when it comes to selecting jobseekers to fill openings. You might think that your resume showcases your career while allowing you to put your best foot forward, but social media also allows you to showcase your personal life whether you like it or not.


Social Media & Your Professional Persona


The hiring process that companies go through to fill their job openings has evolved since the introduction of social media. Just about everyone has used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and a variety of other social media outlets for fun while keeping current with their friends and documenting their life. At any given moment in your day, social media is at your fingertips. But keep in mind that while social media is easy for you to access, it is also just as easy for hiring managers to access to learn more about you. Social media gives hiring managers the outlet to see things about you that were not included in your resume. Here are some tips for successfully managing your social media life and your professional persona:


Think Twice Before You Post: So you hit the newest bar in town or the trendiest nightclub in your area. You want everyone to know you were there and you start posting random pictures of your fun night. With a simple Google search, a hiring manager can detect your fun night too. So before you start posting random pictures, stop and think to yourself “do I mind if a hiring manager sees this?”.


Utilize Social Media to Promote Yourself: Social media isn’t just for commenting on the latest bar or nightclub you went to. It is also for commenting on or promoting the professional things you do too. If you attended a seminar, read a great book, or author a professional blog post, think about using social media to promote that. When you show that your professional persona ties in with your personal life, it makes a great impression on hiring managers.


Stop Posting Inappropriate Facebook Picture Quotes or Sayings: You see sayings and videos that you find absolutely hysterical or even a bit risqué. It might seem like a good idea to repost these things on your Facebook page in the moment, but keep in mind hiring managers will see it too. Hiring managers will see patterns in your quotes and sayings, which will give them intangible insight as to who you really are. Use your quotes and sayings as a means to inspire people while showing your positivity.


Don’t Make Negative Posts on Facebook or Tweet About Your Bad Day: You are having a bad day and nothing will make you feel better except venting about it on Facebook or Twitter. If you make a habit of seeking solace from your social media friends after a bad day, it gives hiring managers the chance to retrace your older postings and see patterns. Things like negativity about life in general or the endless pursuing of a drama-filled life will become quite evident. It is better to save these moments for private consumption, not public consumption on social media.


Utilize Your Likes or Tweets For Business Use & Personal Use: We all can’t wait to “like” our favorite stores, tv shows, or brands, but did you ever think about “liking” professional things? You can “like” companies that you want to apply to, professional books, and industry conferences/seminars. Tweeting about relevant business articles or blogs that interest you professionally will make a very positive impression on hiring managers. Always try to keep a solid balance between personal and professional when it comes to social media.


LinkedIn is Your Friend: All of the other social media sites are great for personal things, but how about using a tool that is solely used for promoting your professional persona. LinkedIn is a social networking site for anyone that has a professional occupation. You can use it to keep in contact with your friends and acquaintances or even use it to make new ones. It also allows you the opportunity to expand your network of contacts in a professional capacity while taking advantage of potential job leads.


Social media isn’t all bad when it comes to documenting your life. You just have to be selective about what you post or tweet about online. It gives hiring managers great insight into your personality or personal life. As long as you remember to think twice before you post something and only put appropriate content out there on social media, you can easily continue your love of everything that social media has to offer.


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