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Should Basic Job Tasks Be Removed from a Resume?

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Q: I have been told that I needed to change my basic job duties from essentially “tasks” to only accomplishments.  What are your thoughts on changing basic job duties or even removing them completely from a resume?  I’m not really sure what is standard resume etiquette now.   ~ Amy in Boston, MA


A: Good question Amy! As far as your basic job duties go, it is okay to include them on your resume because that is a part of what makes up your career. You would not want to remove those basic job duties because they lay the foundation for what you have built on to continually grow in your career. When you remove the foundation of your career from your resume, you end up minimizing your career progression. If you remove your basic job duties completely and only list achievements, then your resume gives the impression that your career has only been a series of lateral moves. When you remove your basic job duties, you also eliminate your opportunity to show upward career mobility. Your goal is to show consistent career growth and how that propels you forward into taking on new challenges in your career. Job duties and achievements work together to give context to your career as a whole and they present a full picture to hiring managers that you have a very comprehensive skill set to offer. They also allow you to integrate very valuable keywords that hiring managers look for in resumes. There are many strategic components that all work together to enhance your resume, so keeping a good balance between basic job duties and achievements will get you the best results.

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