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Client Testimonials

Read what some of our clients are saying about us on LinkedIn!

I cannot believe the results from using the fantastic resume your company created for me. During the first week I used the resume, I had 5 interviews and 2 job offers!

Cecelia G. – Florida

I truly had no idea that putting together a resume would be such a difficult task. That is why I initially turned to Resume Innovators for help. I sent you bits and pieces of my background that lacked any direction or meaning. Your company’s ability to produce such a high quality and focused set of career documents absolutely amazed me! I can’t wait to start using them.

N. Michaels – New York

This service is definitely worth the investment. I had an interview with the first resume I sent out. I received an offer and accepted the job right away. Thanks for taking away the stress of unemployment!

Paul Y. – Washington DC

Once again, thank you for the amazing job you did rewriting my resume. The quality of your work is equally amazing. You are truly gifted at what you do and I feel so fortunate that I selected Resume Innovators to develop my documents. Many, many thanks to you…again!

Danielle L. – Delaware

Thank you for your services. Everything is exactly as I requested. I loved the innovative resume design and I am certain it will make all the difference in landing my next job.

Franklin B. – Massachusetts

Thanks for responding to me so quickly. The resume is exactly what I was hoping for. Maybe now I can take that much needed step to a higher paying job. Thanks again!

Nancy B. – Texas

I am very satisfied with my new resume. The cover letter and follow up letter were great additions to my package. I will be using the follow up letter to secure my footing after interviews.

Nigel S. – California

I can’t believe the difference between my old resume and my new resume. I would hire me if I could! In fact, I didn’t even recognize myself. My confidence in sending out my new resume and cover letter will make all the difference!

Jessica P. – New Jersey

My new cover letter is perfect. I like the fact that I paid for it once and can reuse it over and over again. Great job…highly recommend the service to other clients.

Carrie W. – Florida

I don’t believe that I look so good on paper–I thought my lack of education would be a factor in getting interviews. You presented me in such a way that my professional capabilities stand out more than my lack of education. What a miracle!

Mary B. – Oregon

I had to return to work after my kids started school. I had a significant gap in my employment because I was a stay-at-home mom for years. Resume Innovators was able to develop a resume that addressed my employment gap effectively. Your help is greatly appreciated.  I love my new resume!

Victoria M. – Illinois

I looked at my resume and I am truly astonished at your wonderful work!

Lynn G. – California

I have read and re-read your work a few times now. I would hire this guy! Thanks again for this great work. I am very pleased and have recommended your company to my friends and family!

Barry P. – New Mexico