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Top 10 Job Interview Tips


Sending your resume to apply for a job is just one piece of the puzzle, but conducting a successful interview is the next step in landing a job.

Are you making the right first impression? Are you aware of your body language? How does your personal brand come into play during interviews? These are all vital questions that you need to answer before going on interviews if you want to minimize the time it takes you to land another job.


It takes extensive preparation if you want to master the skill of interviewing. Our team can coach you in the following areas:

  • Interview Strategies
  • Behavioral Techniques
  • Visual Imaging & Branding
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Structured Interviews
  • Stress Management
  • Sample Interview Questions & Answers
  • Mock Interviews
  • Post-Interview Follow Up Strategies


Learn how to answer those tough questions, identify what the interviewer is really asking you, practice your responses, and get vital feedback that will help you prepare for that all-important interview.

Resume Innovators can help you with all of your interview preparation needs during one of our interview coaching sessions.


Comprehensive Interview Coaching Session (1 Hour) $299

This 1-hour interview coaching session gives you a complete overview of the entire interview process from beginning to end as well as the strategic components that make up a successful interview. This coaching session covers traditional interview strategy, common interview questions, discussing your strengths or weaknesses, tutorial on how to answer specific questions, visual imaging, personal branding, post-interview follow up, and salary negotiation. It also gives you the tools for answering questions related to unique career situations like termination, quitting, returning to the workforce, long-term career goals, changing careers, job hopping, and employment gaps. This coaching session will be tailored to your unique career path and the areas you need the most help in. The comprehensive interview coaching session is for individuals that want to master the skill of giving a successful interview by learning how to strategically answer common interview questions while effectively leveraging your personal brand during interviews.


Basic Interview Coaching Session (Half Hour) $249

This half hour interview coaching session will provide you with the basics for interviewing. This coaching session gives a brief overview of traditional interview strategy as well as discusses common interview questions and answers. The basic interview coaching session is for individuals that want to familiarize themselves with common interview questions while optimizing responses during interviews.