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Kristen Coria, CARW | NCOPE | CPCC | CIC ✪ Meaningful Career Strategist ✪ Resume Mastermind ✪ LinkedIn Expert ✪ Career Coach ✪ Workforce Futurist

Empowering you to find a meaningful career…

I will masterfully create your resume & LinkedIn profile, develop your professional value proposition, strategize with you on interview preparation, and coach you to career success.

I use proven strategies that get you through applicant tracking systems, improve your visibility on LinkedIn, increase your networking opportunities, maximize job interviews you receive, get you noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn, and reduce your time to land another job.

I am a Workforce Futurist & Workhuman Certified Professional that reinforces the power of humanity in the workplace to energize cultures, unlock human potential, and unite people around a shared purpose. I will use these strategies to influence your ability to find meaningful work.

Signature Services

on-brand Resume writing

Resume Writing

Do you want a resume that is keyword-optimized, ranks high with applicant tracking systems (ATS), and demonstrates your value? Are you ready to unlock your career potential and take the next step?

As a Resume Mastermind, I will create a resume that lands interviews, gets results, maximizes job opportunities, builds your brand, and showcases your value proposition during your career marketing campaign.

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Global reach of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profiles

Are you looking to strategically unleash the power of LinkedIn to capture recruiters’ attention, optimize your networking opportunities, and get through complex algorithms?

As a Master LinkedIn Profile Writer, I will create content that enhances your visibility, places you at the top of recruiter searches, helps you network effectively, and influences your ability to tap into the hidden job market.

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working towards business excellence

Interview Coaching

Can you answer tough interview questions that address your value, establish a competitive differential, and align your unique brand with a company’s culture? Do you want to influence recruiters to hire you?

As a Master Interview Coach, I will share advice, deliver proven methods, and provide expert counsel on interview preparation that aligns with your self-marketing career campaign, empowers confidence, and wins job offers.

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Let’s strategize together…

Let our Meaningful Career Strategist, Certified Resume Mastermind, Certified LinkedIn Expert, and Certified Interview Coach, Kristen Coria, CARW | NCOPE | CPCC | CIC empower you to find your meaningful career while unlocking your career potential.

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  • I had the pleasure of having Kristen write my resume...One month later, I landed a job that had over 90 applicants for it. There’s no doubt that the resume Kristen put together was a key reason why I stood out and got an interview.
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    Job Search Success
    T.L., Naples, FL
  • After about four months of near-zero response... I asked Kristen to rework mine. In the space of two weeks, my phone has been ringing constantly! I have three in-person interviews this week alone.
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    Job Search Success
    G.F., Detroit, MI
  • I received a job offer making thousands more per year than my previous position within two weeks of circulating my new resume created by Kristen.
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    Job Search Success
    J.W. – New York, NY
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